How to Compare Fonts?

Posted in Tutorials by ayo 3 days ago and made popular 3 days ago - How to Compare Fonts? Easy! Age-old question, and has always been: How do you determine the correct font for your website or blog? "Fonts forward? Are they really that important?" Sure! Consider the font selection of the most important decision in graphic design. "So? Just choose a font let's go." Not true. Fonts are not only important, but right or wrong choice of font can make or break your website.

Let me explain. One of the ongoing problems of selecting the best font inability always been a side fonts by side comparison. Sometimes it seems almost impossible.

Not only it can be hard to tell exactly which font is the best site (but through trial and error and tedious), it can also a very large amount of valuable time to reach a reasonable decision. Decent web designer can spend weeks if not months, selecting the right font of your choice.

The good news is that today there are some great tools - a world where Internet cool - the comparison of different fonts as efficiently as possible simultaneously. With some other font tools available, now you can look at your font choices as they lie side by side. Read »
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