Tilt Shift Photoshop and Photography Tutorials

Posted in Photoshop by cris 65 days ago and made popular 63 days ago - Good camera, good actors and a multitude of lenses, of course, photographer's dream. Tilt Shift Photoshop and Photography Tutorials. Well, it's a dream for me at least, and I just love to get one of these macro lens for beautiful effects. It's a shame that I should save lots of money for it, but what I can do is to just use Photoshop for now. The other day I found an interesting lesson about the "effect of tilt-shift.

Tilt Shift Photoshop and Photography Tutorials. If you've never heard of this and have no idea what it is, than I would be happy to explain the basics. Tilt shift miniatuerfaking is the way the photographer manipulates angle lens tilt-shift to create an illusory effect of depth of field, so that some objects are concentrated, while others are really blurry. This creates the illusion that some objects are compared with other objects near them. Read »
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