Origami-Inspired Logo Designs Examples

Posted in Identity & Branding by ayo 3 days ago and made popular 3 days ago - Origami-Inspired Logo Designs Examples - Here is another set of inspiring logo design for you. A collection of origami-inspired logo designs - will be added to your compilation. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper in different shapes such as animals, flowers, furniture, human figures without cutting, pasting, or decorating. Because paper is so fantasy art, printing industry has brought this new trend in designing the logo. Many companies use this concept for the logo image, a description of a modern, elegant rooms.

Here are 30 examples of the elegant and creative logo design inspired by Origami. Check out our list. Scroll down to find inspiration. If you are looking for techniques on how to create these icons, please check the tutorial origami logo our sister site. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts. Read »
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