Creative and Inspirational Surreal Paintings Collection

Posted in Graphic Design by sana 63 days ago and made popular 62 days ago - Surrealism into the early 1920s, started by Andre Bretton and made famous by artists such as Dali, Miro and faith Magritte.The surrealist works contain elements of surprise that describe abstract and psychology of this phenomenon. Many surrealist artists (and writers) feel their work is a manifestation of the philosophical movement.

Surrealism's influence movement in visual art, using techniques of mood (such as the use of collage, montage and the combination), exposure of the psychological meanings of images by how to change ordinary objects from their ordinary meaning, creating a sense of ordinary formal organization to elicit psychological "feelings" of the viewer. Surrealist technique is psychological and abstract at a time in the modern era of art, where art works achieved in describing the psychological and personal. Read »
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