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Posted in Fonts by cris 70 days ago and made popular 68 days ago - Download High Quality Grunge Fonts. Are you looking for bright, attractive, daring, provocative, and even fonts with crafty features - look no further: High Quality grunge fonts have all these qualities. Despite the literal meaning of their names, feature grunge fonts great artistic qualities, combining seemingly careless strokes and carelessly, painted wallpaper with the unique philosophy and the specific nature grunge style. Freed from all stylistic constraints of traditional typography, grunge fonts represent a separate type of aesthetics with a very different fonts, ranging from an almost calligraphic scripts aggressively decorated solid brand or type of graffiti fonts. Many of High quality grunge fonts with particularly high decorative impact, making them literally self-sufficient in the use of logos, posters, or web banner. In this collection you will find 30 high quality free fonts grunge. Read »
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